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 He was born between the Rhine and a river in Widnau his home town in the canton of St. Gallen (Switzerland). He always lived in cities that bordered water: Zurich, Geneva, Palamos (Spain), Tarragona (Spain). In this historic city that looks down from it's balcony over the Mediterranean, he began to paint as a result of his friendship with the famous landscape painter Tomas Olivar. His early paintings were already seascapes where water is always present. It is therefore natural that he began to paint lakescapes, when he returned to Switzerland. Today he lives in Bouveret (Switzerland) on the eastern side of Lake Geneva and paints all kinds of landscapes and naive scenes, but in his pictures there is generally water present.

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His style is very simple, even naive, because he paints with simplicity what he sees and how he feels: Full of light and colours. He works in acrylic on canvas.

Henri's pictures are liked by lovers of lakes and seashores because they show with nostalgic feelings for a better world the beauty of the lake or ocean scenes, the simple life, the flora and fauna of the pristine nature. His characters are simple, friendly people.

He has successfully participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad and his paintings signed "Hi Bell" are with collectors in Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, Spain and Canada.

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